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Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium

Crazy Tube Circuits Unobtanium

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Right side: faithful reproduction of the mythical overdrive circuit including the fabled germanium diodes
Wide gain range control: from transparent boost to high headroom overdrive
Treble control is an active circuit to boost or cut treble
Volume knob sets overall output. Huge amount of dB boost available
Toggle switch to select between the original buffer bypass to add clarity and run long cables or true bypass
Toggle switch to select between stock clipping / compression or enhanced gain and headroom/output as you turn gain knob clockwise

Left side: D-style amp in a box overdrive
Gain control: from clean boost to sweet singing overdrive
Emphasis control is a pre-drive EQ to control presence and bottom end response
Tone knob controls the amount of post overdrive high end frequencies
Volume knob sets overall output. Match bypassed volume or use as a clean boost or preamp

Toggle switch selects between 2 distinct D-style overdrive circuits
SSS: clean and transparent overdrive with natural organic compression
ODS: higher gain overdrive with enhanced mid frequencies and harmonic overtones
External footswitch input jack to select amplifier voicing (XT Footswitch - sold separately - bypasses on board toggle switch)

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