1966 Fender Jaguar on the repair bench at Zeke's Guitars & Mercantile in Los AngelesConsultation: Free

Bench fee may apply.

Standard Setup: Starting at $80

Includes the following services:
  • Clean/Hydrate Fretboard
  • Clean/Polish Frets
  • Inspect and Clean Electronics (bench fee may apply)
  • Adjust Truss Rod
  • Lubricate Truss Rod Nut (if needed)
  • Adjust/Clean Nut Slots and Saddles (extra fees may apply)
  • Restring and Stretch Strings (cost of strings not included)
  • Intonate Bridge Saddles
  • Set Action Height (to player's preference)
  • Set Tremolo (extra fees may apply)

Fit and Adjust Pre-Cut Nut: Starting at $65

Difficult nut removal may have extra fees.

Restring: Starting at $25

Cost of strings not included

Replace Tuners: Starting at $25

Cleaning Electronics: Starting at $25

Replace Output Jack: Starting at $25

Replace Pot: Starting at $40

Replace Switch: Starting at $40

Replace or Install Pickups: Starting at $40

(per pickup)

Install Under-Saddle Pickup: Starting at $90

Complete Rewire: Starting at $150

Additional services are available by request. Please contact us for a custom quote.