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1955 Fender Princeton 5F2

1955 Fender Princeton 5F2

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These little amps really get down to business. One volume and one tone…now go! This one is no exception. From beautiful cleans to that tweed breakup that the world loves.

All original minus a few components that had to replaced as time goes on, but all the important stuff is there. Pretty good for 69 years, huh? There is something about having this tiny speaker in a larger cabinet.

It just does a thing!


  • 4-5 watts from 1 6v6 & 1-5Y3GT (RCA & GE Blackplates)
  • 1-12AX7 (JJ)
  • 1-Jensen 8J11 220552 = End of 1955
  • Chassis #P00278 = 1955
  • Tube Chart #P00278 = 1955
  • Power Transformer #5396
  • Output transformer #265
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