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1957 Fender Bandmaster 5E7

1957 Fender Bandmaster 5E7

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This is one of the holiest of tweed tones. Zeke’s Guitars & Mercantile is happy to have this incredible-sounding rare Tweed Bandmaster and we’ll be sad to see it go… but what ya gonna do?

The lacquered tweed has been expertly replaced. The Jensens were re-coned by Orange County Speakers at some point. The output transformer has also been replaced (quite common with these because of the factory mismatched impedance). Basic maintenance and some caps, output jack, etc have been replaced as needed.


  • 26-30 watts from 2-6L6GC (Realistic) & 1-5U4GA (Sylvania)
  • 2-12AX7s, and 1-12AY7 (Bugle Boy, Sylvania, Ge)
  • 3-Jensen P10R’s dated 38th, 39th, & 40th weeks 1956, older re-cone by Orange County Speakers
  • Chassis #S01229 = Early ‘57
  • Tube Chart Stamp “FK” = Nov ’56
  • Tube Chart #S01229 = Early ‘57
  • Power Transformer #8087
  • Choke #14560
  • Output transformer replaced with proper Mercury Toneclone+ FTBAND-OC
  • It has expertly been recovered in lacquered tweed
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