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1958 Fender Super 5F4

1958 Fender Super 5F4

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Zeke’s Guitars & Mercantile is happy to have this great-sounding Tweed Super. The tweed has been professionally replaced. Basic maintenance and some caps, tube sockets, etc have been replaced as typically needed. It has vintage tubes which still function and sound great. Another great example of late 50s tweed tone.


  • 26-30 watts from 2-6L6GC & 1-5U4GA
  • 2-12AX7s, and 1-12AY7
  • 2-Jensen P10R’s dated 11th week 1958 (voice coils professionally replaced but cones are original)
  • Chassis #S02079 = 1958
  • Tube Chart Stamp “HE” = May ’58
  • Tube Chart #S02079 = 1958
  • Power Transformer #8087
  • Output transformer #45216
  • Choke #14684
  • Vintage Tubes sounding great
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