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1965 Kay “True Tone” K-592 Upgraded

1965 Kay “True Tone” K-592 Upgraded

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This is one funky little bass right here. “Would ya look at that. Just look at it!” This color sunburst is not very common with these basses.  Manufactured by Kay and branded “True Tone” for Western Auto stores.  Imagine going to buy auto parts and also coming home with one of these…yes please.  Despite how cool these look, they often have their own set of playability and tuning issues…but not the one here at Zeke’s.

This one has had major upgrades to make it a proper pro level playing instrument by guitar guru, Sammy Sanchez.

-Beautifully shaped bone nut 

-Custom Made Tailpiece and Bridge

-Incredible Fret Job

It is was re-wired here at Zeke’s like a J Bass with VIP 280 Pots.  So what was once a switch selector is now a “Producer’s Switch”.  (Props to Leland Sklar for that one).  It really sounds better wired that way.

Set up perfectly with black nylon tape wounds.

The original output jack was plugged and a new one was added to a more user friendly position. 


Weight = 7.5 lbs

Scale Length = 30.75”

Nut width = 1.46”

Fretboard = Rosewood

1st Fret Depth = .97”

12th Fret Depth = 1.0”

Neck Pickup = 5.4k

Bridge Pickup = 5.7k

Comes with a gig bag 

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