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1976 Fender Precision Bass "Travis Carlton"

1976 Fender Precision Bass "Travis Carlton"

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The foundation of electric bass and still, arguably, the best model of all basses. If you can’t get it done with a P-Bass, then something is wrong.
Here at Zeke’s we have a great example from 1976 for ya. This one has been played, loved and recorded on many records by the great Travis Carlton.  He's one of the best musicians you could ask for that happens to also REALLY play bass.

These Precisions are built to last and will probably never wear out. However, this one made a fashion statement at some point and chose to wear one of those Parker Body Guards for some time. Strange wardrobe choice for sure, but to each their own. (see pic of strap button) 

 Only non original parts are the tuners with a Drop D, (no added routes etc).  Set up perfectly with round wounds and ready to go!

SN = 7645646
Weight = 9.8 lbs
Nut width = 1.64”
1st Fret Depth = .86”
12th Fret Depth = .97”
Pickup Reading = 10.6k
Replaced Tuners w/Hipshot Drop D
Comes with Rockbag Gigbag

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