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1988 Gibson ES 175D Antique Natural "Kirk Fletcher" w/Upgrades

1988 Gibson ES 175D Antique Natural "Kirk Fletcher" w/Upgrades

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Here we have a really cool ES 175 owned and played by the one of the greatest guitar players in the world and a true blues expert Mr. Kirk Fletcher.  If you love the blues, check out Kirk and learn it's origins and evolution to keep it alive. 

Kirk has had this killer box modified to be one of the coolest guitars you could ask for and with the Ron Ellis P90s wired out of phase, there are plethora classic blues tones within those knobs.  Not to mention da funk!

The mods and upgrades were done by none other than Nick Drushel of Glaser Instruments in Nashville, TN. (They're about as good as it gets really). It is perfectly in tune. There was a previously repaired neck that was given a stamp of approval by Glaser Instruments, so nothing to worry about there.  Tuners were replaced at some point as well.

The finish checking and player wear all add up to one word...MOJO!

*All of the original replaced parts come with the guitar and all mods are reversible...but why would that be necessary because this thing is RULING!


High quality re-fret and bone nut that is a work of art.  Currently setup for 12 flats

Ron Ellis P90s (out of phase)

Wooden Bridge

Replaced Knobs

High quality 250k


Serial# 82188524

Weight:  6.9 lbs

Neck Width:

Nut - 1.675"

Neck Depth:

1st Fret (nut-fret) = .84"- .815"

7th Fret (fret) = .90"

9th Fret = .916"

11th Fret = 1"

Pickup Readings:

Neck - 6.88k

Bridge - 7.7k 

*Comes with OHSC

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