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2017 Gibson Custom Shop Limited '58 Les Paul Standard VOS Faded Orange Burst

2017 Gibson Custom Shop Limited '58 Les Paul Standard VOS Faded Orange Burst

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'58 plain top anyone? Well... not really plain but definitely not an overstated crazy burning inferno.  It depends on the angle your eye catches it really.

 Anyway, we're stoked to have this killer LP in for a moment.  It has been lovingly played a lot and still plays great.  Great weight! We doubt it will be here long.  This one was a part of a limited run done in 2017 and sold through Wildwood Guitars. (Definitely one of the BEST places to get a new Gibson). The word on the street is that these may or may not have been "repurposed" Collector's Choice #29 builds.  That's not able to verified. They do have an extra thumbwheel at the bridge posts and a metal output jack, and the unique faded orange burst in common.  

At the end of the day whatever it was intended to be is what it is, a really great Les Paul, but perhaps at much better price. 

There are a few love and possibly war scars here and there you'll see in the photos.

-back of the upper bout ding

-minor finish ding on back of the neck at the 5th fret 

-finish worn off low E side binding  at 5th and 6th frets. 



Serial# 8 7555

Weight: 8.7 lbs

Neck Width:

Nut - 1.7"

Neck Depth:

1st Fret - .90" 

12th Fret - .99"

Pickup Readings: Custom Buckers

Neck - 7.91k

Bridge - 7.85k


Metal output jack mount 

Bridge posts have an extra thumbwheel for stability and added sustain.

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