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Seymour Duncan FOOZ

Seymour Duncan FOOZ

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From Seymour Duncan:

FOOZ is a Fuzz and Filter effect inspired by our love of classic analog synthesizers. The goal of this design was a pedal comprised of distinct blocks that can be combined together in a variety of ways to create a vast array of possible tones and textures, much like the elements of a synthesizer - (oscillator, filter, LFO, envelope). To that end, we’ve included a square-wave fuzz to act as the ‘oscillator’, a Filter section inspired by classic Low Pass Filters, and an LFO and envelope follower with which to modulate the effect.

You can use FOOZ as a straightforward fuzz, add a Low Pass or Band Pass Filter, and modulate the Filter (and other parameters) with either the Envelope or LFO. Additionally, the Envelope can be used to modulate the LFO Rate and Depth, or an external expression pedal can be used to control most of the surface functions

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