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Cornerstone Gladio V1

Cornerstone Gladio V1

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The now discontinued dual channel Gladio is specifically designed to help worldwide Robben Ford fans achieve the signature Dumble tone. You will not only get a similar tone but you’ll find renewed inspiration and ideas thanks to Gladio’s exceptional touch sensitivity and amp-like feel.

Channel 1: Smooth, edgy and transparent inspired by Robben Ford’s Cannonball Shuffle, with a comp switch to allow more versatility over the dynamic range.

Channel 2: Hard clipped, creamy and Fat inspired by Sonny Landreth’s Elemental Journey. with a switch called JAZZ/ROCK to choose from mellow or brighter sounds.
The Gladio is also equipped with a toggle switch to choose between two different switching modes.
“S” which stands for “SINGLE” and “D” which stands for “DOUBLE”.
In Single mode you can use only one channel at a time. Very useful to switch between one sound or another in a live situation.
In Double mode you can stack the two channels to reach a huge FAT sound

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