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Gibson PAF Humbucking Pickups circa 1957-1961

Gibson PAF Humbucking Pickups circa 1957-1961

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We're happy to have a pair of incredible sounding and highly coveted Gibson PAF Humbuckers with original nickel covers. These are original PAFs made from late 1957 to early 1961. Minus a few replaced pole piece screws, (see pics), these are all original.  Plus they have a nice story below.


  • Lead Lengths for Les Paul
  • Long Magnets
  • Normal 1 15/16" Spacing
  • Bridge Reading : 7.88k (room temp)
  • Neck Reading : 7.72k (room temp) 

The cover on the bridge pickup had already been previously removed at some point so we removed it for further verification. Sure enough there was a little bit of wax in that cover probably for feedback. We can reattach the cover as is or remove wax and or use tape to prevent feedback. There are plenty of pics here, or too many really, to show what's needed to show the details to those interested.  Please feel free to call. or email us for any questions.

The client we acquired these beauties from is a longtime friend of ours and he had these in an older Gibson R8 for many years that sounded fantastic with these babies in there. He bought these in the 90's in his hometown of Hamburg, Germany from a UK luthier living there. That luthier, Ashley Pangborn, previously got these from Gary Moore's tech. The tech said these were among some PAFs of Moore's that "were not hot enough for Gary." Haha! Perhaps that explains the wax in the bridge cover. By the way, we played these before removal from the R8 and there were no issues. Unless of course you consider incredible note separation, extended harmonic content, a big fat tone but not muddy, crystal clear mids and high end an issue.  

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