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Giordano T-Model Double Bound "Premium Build"

Giordano T-Model Double Bound "Premium Build"

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Here we have a handmade T Style double bound instrument built by Nicholas Giordano; a young man in Reggio Emilia, Italy who is proving to be an incredible guitar builder way beyond his age. We are happy to carry his fantastic guitars. Nicholas has been very accommodating to the specifics Zeke's Guitars & Mercantile has requested based on my own playing experiences and tastes. As a result, this is one of many more to come from Giordano Guitars with a few "Zeke" requests.  

This particular T-type guitar is one of the best sounding new or vintage ones we've played, both acoustically and definitely plugged in.  Dig the super thin nitro finish especially in the middle of the neck, unlike some aging processes this will wear quickly and will look like actual wear. Guess why...because it is!  What a concept!

We chose Ron Ellis' "Standard T" neck pickup. Which is aptly named because it does set the standard for which all great T neck pickups have to at least come close to be considered great. It's so CLEAR! Very few neck pickups in my experience give you as much usable sweep from the vol/tone controls.  (By the way, I've played this one with various high quality pots and caps, so it's not from those alone, it's the pickup.) Ron's 60T staggered bridge gives you all the twang you'd ever need and ,again like the neck, has many sounds with use of the vol/tone.

This guitar has those musical classic T-type parts dripping out for days. This one and the others we have/will be receiving from Giordano, we're calling premium builds. With some of our own "Zeke" requests, that Nicholas was more than accommodating with, really make these guitars truly great. Come check it out if you can and/or contact us for any questions.


  • Weight = 7.2 lbs
  • American Alder Double Bound Body in Aged "Hippie" Re-fin
  • Un-plasticized Nitrocellulose Lacquer 
  • Madagascar Rosewood Fretboard 10" Radius
  • Clay Dots 
  • American Maple Neck
  • Nut width = 1.66”
  • Unbleached Bone Nut
  • Jescar 47095 Nickel Silver Frets
  • 1st Fret Depth = .85”
  • 12th Fret Depth = .927”
  • Ron Ellis 60T Bridge Pickup = 7.28k
  • Ron Ellis The Standard Neck Pickup = 6.76k
  • Gotoh Compensated Steel Saddles & Bridge Plate
  • Kluson Tuners
  • Gator Vintage Style Deluxe Hardshell Case
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