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Headstrong Lil' King w/12" Alessandro Speaker (Back in Stock!)

Headstrong Lil' King w/12" Alessandro Speaker (Back in Stock!)

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This is one of our favorite amps here at Zeke's.  Wayne at Headstrong hand builds some of the best replicas and  on the classic legacy amplifiers we all love, with the best components available these days.  With vintage prices being what they are now, this is really the best choice if you can't afford those.  Between us...not all of the vintage ones sound this good.  There...I said it!

This one has a 12" George Alessandro designed ceramic speaker.  A great match for this style of amp. Serial #818 

*We are a Headstrong dealer, so please feel free to contact us for any Headstrong custom orders or inquiries. 

Tech Info & Features:

  • Replica of the 1964 Princeton Reverb

  • 12 Watt Tube Powered

  • 2-6V6 Power Tubes

  • 100% Hand wired

  • Tube Reverb and Tremolo

  • Finger jointed pine cabinets

  • 2-Button Footswitch

  • Loaded with Eminence GA-SC64 12" Ceramic Speaker

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