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Jackson Ampworks El Guapo 100/50 watt and 2x12

Jackson Ampworks El Guapo 100/50 watt and 2x12

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100 watts from 4-EL34s
Switchable to 50 watts
2x12" Cabinet loaded with Eminence CV 75 Red Coat

A Super Lead and Super Bass all in one!? Oh my…

From Jackson Ampworks:
CHANNEL 1:Channel 1 of the El Guapo has some of the richest and punchiest clean tones you’ve ever heard and is a dead ringer for the tones that you hear coming from Hendrix and guys like Doyle Bramhall II who famously have used Super Bass amps over the years. With the 100W power section (switchable down to 50W) Channel 1 of the El Guapo has an unbelievable level of clean headroom and will shake the walls of your house before it ever starts breaking up!

About halfway up on the Gain control for Channel 1, the El Guapo starts to break up and becomes one of the richest and most responsive blues amps ever created! From there on up on the Gain control you’ll move out of blues tones and on into Hendrix inspired rock tones! Of course, all of these tones are immediately available at your fingertips if you run the Gain control up and use the volume control on the guitar to adjust the level of overdrive.

CHANNEL 2:The second channel of the El Guapo picks up gain-wise where Channel 1 leaves off and is voiced brighter like the Super Lead circuit. Think of these two channels as an alternate personality of the same person. While the first channel on the El Guapo is voiced dark and rich, the second channel is voiced brighter with a controlled low-end and expanded top end range. Add to that a ton of available gain and tonal shaping options and the second channel of the El Guapo has enough gain to cover everything from early Van Halen to the hardest rock imaginable!

Please be aware that during testing of the El Guapo they measured a maximum sustained output of 132W when the amp was running wide open. This is the maximum power level that they could generate with the amp and should be used as a guide when selecting a set of speakers to use with the El Guapo."

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