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Moollon Sol Fuzz

Moollon Sol Fuzz

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Following the release of the original Moollon Fuzz 14, a variety of tweaks were performed on the primitive fuzz circuit to come up with a new palate of tones, featured in an all-new enclosure. With a low-noise design that keeps transformer amplification and oscillation in check, the Sol Fuzz was designed to minimize potential noise while offering a large quantity of gain. Featuring the Moollon-exclusive V.Batt (Vintage Battery) function originally available in the Fuzz14 Mk.II, adjustment of the input power with this knob can be performed to allow greater output enhanced even with thicker tones. The pedal also features true bypass operation, indicated by very bright bypass LED.

The function of the V.Batt knob: The internal impedance of dying carbon zinc (vintage) batteries is greater than that of modern alkaline batteries. When this kind of higher internal impedance meets the transistor design of a fuzz circuitry, a fuller sound with thicker midrange tones is produced. The V.Batt knob is specially designed to effectively emulate this kind of vintage battery performance, allowing a more diverse range of fuzz timbres while increasing in signal output. With a high impedance input design, it is strongly recommended that low impedance signals do not precede the pedal (buffered bypass pedals or active pickups, etc.).

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