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Stringjoy Broadways - Classic Light Gauge (10-46)

Stringjoy Broadways - Classic Light Gauge (10-46)

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What’s better than a classic? A classic made even better. What, you don’t think that’s possible? Well then let me present to you Exhibit “A”—the Broadway Classic Light Gauge set. 

The Broadways are a favorite here at Zeke's Guitars & Mercantile.  They are great right out of the pack.  However, call us crazy, but when they have broken in they have a warm/dead sound that still sounds amazing. Kinda like you might hear on classic records.  We can't guarantee that of course...

If you’ve ever played Pure Nickel strings before, these strings have even morenickel in them than the strings you’ve played in the past. That means more of that rich, full tonal character. It also means more flexibility, since the round core is thinner than it is in other sets. But these don’t sacrifice when it comes to strength or durability either, and they hold tune with the best of ’em.

Gauges: .010 – .013 – .017 – .026w – .036 – .046
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