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Stringjoy Broadways - Classic Medium Gauge (11-48)

Stringjoy Broadways - Classic Medium Gauge (11-48)

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No one starts life as an 11s player. At some point in your playing career, you were probably playing 10s and decided that the more powerful tonality of heavier gauge strings made up for the extra tension. Well, you don’t have to make that tradeoff any longer.

The Broadways are a favorite here at Zeke's Guitars & Mercantile.  They are great right out of the pack.  However, call us crazy, but when they have broken in they have a warm/dead sound that still sounds amazing. Kinda like you might hear on classic records.  We can't guarantee that of course...

The Classic Medium Broadways give you the fat, full-range tone of your dreams with flexibility and expressiveness you didn’t think was possible in a set of 11s.

That’s because their Broadways use a thin but strong round steel core, with a highly-compressed pure nickel over-wrap that gets as much nickel onto each string as possible. This gives you the tone of a much heavier string, and the flexibility of a lighter string, with no trade-offs to speak of.

Gauges: .011 – .014 – .018p – .028 – .038 – .048
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