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GigRig G2 Advanced Switching System

GigRig G2 Advanced Switching System

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G2 is born of an obsession for preserving and optimising every single tonal nuance of vintage and modern guitars, amps and effects. It offers ultimate control over your whole rig without tying your feet or your brain up in knots. G2 is beautiful, compact, unbelievably simple to use and has the cleanest, most transparent audio possible.

G2 takes true-bypass switching to an entirely new level using technology never seen before on a pedalboard switcher. The most important difference is our 'Passive True Bypass Matrix'. This guarantees the most direct signal path possible with no loading of your guitar signal. It's a game changer – you simply won't believe your tone.

10 Passive True Bypass Matrix Effects Loops
Delay Spillover
Programmable Pre and Post Gain
2 Switchable Outputs
Full Midi I/O
120 Presets

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